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Rhonda Sims, Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

Meet Rhonda Sims

Rhonda taught 15 years in public and private schools before becoming a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator. She has thrived at helping all ages from 6 to 70 years turn their lives around to discover their true potential. Recently, relocated to the DFW Metroplex, she is ready to help all Smart Intelligent Minds Soar.

SIMS Learning Center brings years of experience using the Davis Dyslexia Correction®  program to help individuals with Dyslexia tendencies. Programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual client, regardless of age or learning challenges. Below are characteristics associated with Dyslexia. If you or a loved one exhibit 10 or more of these characteristics, call us today at (903) 360-5092.

  • General

Things That May Have Brought You Here

From  Test for Dyslexia – 37 Common Traits © 1992 by Ronald D. Davis (Used with Permission)

  • Vision, Reading & Spelling

  • Hearing & Speech

  • Writing & Motor Skills

  • Math & Time Management

  • Memory & Cognition

  • Behavior, Health, Development & Personality

Explore Our Services
  • Reading

  • Auditory Processing

  • Math (Dyscalaculia)

  • Handwriting (Dysgraphia)

  • Motor Coordination Difficulties

  • Organization Skills

  • Focusing (ADHD)

  • Kindergarten Prep

  • All Ages

  • Virtual Tutoring

Tutoring Services

The Davis® programs described on this site and tutoring are separate and distinct programs which are provided in their own distinct contexts on separate schedules.

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